China Glaze Nice Caboose

I have so many gorgeous polishes that are sitting in my stash, untried, that I'm almost too embarrassed to buy new polishes... almost. I always try to shop my stash for a couple of months a year and always fail miserably...  I'm going to give it another go until the end of the year and hopefully this time I'm a little more successful than previous years! (the only exception to this will be the Loaded Lacquer Holiday collection, no way I'm skipping that one!).

Today I have a gorgeous untried polish to show you. China Glaze Nice Caboose is a shimmery deep, vampy pink berry purple that was released with the All Aboard collection. In the bottle I can see some really weird flakies, but they don't really translate onto the nail and I have to say, I'm actually really glad.

The formula is very good, easy to paint opaque in 2 thin coats, almost 1, but not quite. It dries fast and really shiny and it didn't stain my nails.

Even though I love purple polish, I don't tend to wear it a lot. I really have no idea why...
This one I did wear and really enjoyed, because it's such a Fall appropriate purple and the shimmer gives it so much depth.

Even my husband loved this polish and that doesn't happen a lot, he tends to stick with red, lol. I picked up a couple more from the All Aboard collection and they're all really gorgeous. I can't wait to try those!

Do you wear a lot of purple polish and do you have a favorite?



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    1. Thanks, I liked it a lot more on the nail than I expected :D

  2. En paars staat je toch zo mooi! Prachtige shimmer, echt een beauty deze <3

    1. Dank je!
      Ik vind het ook altijd mooi als ik eenmaal paars op mijn nagels heb, maar ik grijp er gewoon niet zo vaak naar...