Zoya Remy

Happy Black Friday everybody!
I got up extra early to make my first black Friday purchase, I order the Loaded Lacquer Ha Ha Holiday collection that launced today at midnight CST, I just had to get my hands on them. Heather restocked a lot of other polishes too, so if you want to get your hands on some Loaded Lacquers, head over to the site and pick some up!

Today I have the second polish of the Zoya Ignite collection to show you. I already showed you Yuna, which I love, so I was eager to try the others.

Zoya Remy is a deep blue base with a strong golden shimmer. On the nail, the gold mostly gets covered with the intensely opaque base and you're left with a gorgeous deep blue that flashes green.

The formula is spot on, it's opaque in 2 thin coats, but you can absolutely get away with just 1 coat if you're in a hurry. It's easy to apply and it dries fast and shiny.

I love this color so much! The shimmer almost makes this look like a duo-chrome, flashing blue and green. I always love a good blue polish, but this one is so easy to work with and looks really pretty on the nail.

So far the Ignite collection is rocking my world and I only wish I picked up the entire collection. I'm still hoping to get my hands on Sansa and India.

Have you picked up any of the Ignite polishes and which one is your favorite?



  1. Echt een beauty! Wou dat Zoya niet zo duur was :-( Hij is mooi!

    1. Zoya is goed betaalbaar te krijgen bij color4nails.com
      Ze heeft haar verzendkosten ook niet aangepast, als je nu een paar lakjes tegelijk besteld is het heel goed te doen!

      En ze heeft ook nog andere mooie merken ;)