2014 Favorite 14!

I've been sitting in front of my Helmers for hours, I've looked through all my posts, Instagram pictures and swatch wheels in order to find the polishes I really loved in 2014 so I could do this post. I pulled out a lot of them, but I just couldn't do a post with 50 polishes, so I had to put just a few away again until I was left with just 14, the best of the best, the ones I truly loved this past year and kept going back to.

Here are the 14 that made the cut, in no particular order, because deciding which one was my absolute favorite... well, I just couldn't do it!

So, here we go!
If you want to read more about one of the polishes, just click on the name.

1. Zoya Veruschka

I hunted, I coveted, I rejoiced when I finally owned this at the beginning of 2014 and than didn't paint it until December... But around Christmas I pulled it out wore it in back to back mani's, because it's just so stunning!

2. Girly Bits Gravedigger

I love a nice dark jelly base with a crapton of glitter in it and this is absolutely gorgeous!

3. Pahlish La Belle Endormie

Such a shifter! Is it red? Is it purple? It's both!

4. Kaleidoscope by El Corazon First Snowdrop

Clean, stunning with a hint of glitter and a perfect formula!

5. Picture Polish Vampire

I think this is me in a bottle... Dark, twisty, simply stunning!
And the text on the bottle could've come from me :D
This particular polish is actually my most liked swatch on Instagram, so a lot of you seemed to like it as well :D

6. Pipe Dream Polish Graffiti Tag

This polish started my love affair with white bases filled with neon glitter.

7. Colors by Llarowe Conny, you saucy minx

Just look at it, need I say more?

8. OPI Sorry I'm fizzy today

Not my usual color, pink, but because it's almost neon, it really pops. This particular polish works so well with my skin tone, this was my go to summer polish.

9. China Glaze neon gradient

Ok, so this is not a polish, but a polish combination I was obsessed with during the Summer. I think I wore this particular mani at least 4 times, I just couldn't get enough!

10. OPI My boyfriend scales walls

Just a simple off white cream, but I love how clean this looks on the nail and it's the perfect base for nail art. I love this so much, I actually just repurchased this polish, because I completely used up my first bottle.

11. China Glaze Lotus Begin

I'd never thought I'd add a pastel purple to my favorite polishes, but here it is! I wore the heck out of this polish, on it's own, in nail art, as an accent, with an accent, you name it, I wore it.

12. China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener

Crappy formula, but so so worth it! I made all my friends buy this polish, because it's just stunning!

13. Loaded Lacquer Cuts like a knife

2014 was the year I discovered Loaded lacquer and fell in love with this brand. And when I say fell in love I mean L O V E! I own a lot and have a lot of favorites, I could've done a 2014 favorite 14 Loaded Lacquer polishes easily, because I love them all! But this particular one made my heart flutter the first time I painted this on my nails. Red, glitter, with a bit of oomph to it. Be still my heart!

14. Zoya Tomoko

This has to be my favorite Pixie Dust, at least it's my most worn by far! This polish is my gateway polish into metallic colors, because I used to not like gold, silver, or any metallic shade at all! Now I'm kinda addicted to white golden polish and I just purchased a few silver ones.

And because I can't help myself, I snuck in a sneaky extra! I absolutely love this polish, but I love the cherries even more. I think this might be my favorite nail art of 2014 and it's just so simple.

15. Picture Polish Chillax

That's it, all 14 (and a sneaky extra) of my favorite, most worn polishes for 2014! I can't wait to see what indie and mainstream brands come out with in 2015, I've already seen some amazing new collections.

What's your favorite polish for 2014?



  1. Snap helemaal waarom dit je favorieten zijn!! Wat een beauties... Frist Snowdrop heb ik ook en is zo mooi! Die van OPI, nr 8, had ik ook graag willen hebben. Wie weet koop ik 'm nog us!

    1. Oh, die moet je echt kopen als je de kans krijgt!
      Hij is zo ontzettend gaaf en hij werkt ook top in nail art :D

  2. These are some great choices! I would never be able to pick just 14 favorites!

    1. Thanks hun, I have to admit I had a hard time narrowing it down too, ha ha ha!

  3. wauw, ze zijn allemaal erg mooi, zou niet kunnen kiezen ♥ xx

  4. What I nice overview! Thanks to you I added quite some of these polishes to my wishlist ;)

  5. Vet leuk, 4, 6, 9 en nummer 14, mijn favorieten!

    1. De gradient is ook wel echt een van mijn favoriete mani's!