Loaded Lacquer Claus-trophobic

Today I have a polish to show you I'd never thought I would own. It was part of the Holiday collection for 2013 and sadly, it has been discontinued. But I kept looking at it on the Loaded Lacquer website's discontinued page and when I mentioned on Instagram that I was sad I couldn't get it, Heather replied that she happened to have a bottle left and was more than willing to sell it to me. Hurray for Heather!!!

Loaded Lacquer Claus-trophobic is a gorgeous black jelly base packed with green and copper micro glitter. I had a hard time figuring out if this had a black or a deep brown base, but I think it's black and the copper glitter just makes it look brown.

The formula is so nice for this polish. It flows on the nail hassle free, is opaque in 2 -3 coats, depending on how thick you make your coats. It dries really fast and reasonably shiny, but I would recommend adding a nice, glossy topcoat to smooth out the glitter and give it even more shine.

I did 2 coats with HK girl topcoat and that was more than enough for me. I love this polish so much! It's such a gorgeous warm base color and the micro glitters give it a nice little kick. I keep staring at my nails in different lighting, because it looks different every time. I'm so happy Heather had a bottle left so I could add this beauty to my ever growing Loaded Lacquer stash.

Unfortunately, you can't get this particular polish any more, unless Heather brings it back for a while. She tends to do that and I love her for it, because she has a few discontinued polishes left I'd like to get my hands on!

There are some other gorgeous polishes available on the Loaded Lacquer site though, so definitely worth checking out!

What's your favorite Loaded Lacquer?



  1. Wow, fantastisch! Grrr, balen dat-ie niet meer verkrijgbaar is :(. Vind 'm echt super! Lekker dorky :)).

  2. This color looks amazing on you!!!!

  3. Oeh die groene shimmer... LOVIN' it! En wat super lief van Heather :-D