Loaded Lacquer Freezing my baguettes off

Winter has hit, well, as much of a winter as we get, which means my hands are starting to look like old lady hands again. I keep applying hand cream and cuticle butter or oil, but they're still dry and somehow extremely wrinkly. Not fun...

The polish I have to show you today is fun though! It's from one of my favorite indie brands and although it's not my normal type of color, I do really like it.

Loaded Lacquer Freezing my baguettes off is a white jelly base packed with pink and rose metallic hex, square, circle and micro glitters. It also has some iridescent glitter in there to give it a little more depth.

The formula is really nice, like I've come to expect from this brand. You can get this opaque on its own in about 3 coats, but I like it better layered over a white or, like I did in these pictures, a very light pink polish. The glitter comes out easily, no need to fish and I like that you don't get an overload of glitter with each coat, so you can do a few coats without getting to much glitter on the nail.

I layered 2 coats of Freezing my baguettes off over a single coat of China Glaze Friends forever, right? and I think this makes for the perfect, girly combination. I don't wear baby pink often, as it's just a bit to sweet for me, but add some glitter and I'm all in!

This polish is part of the 2014 Ha Ha Holiday collection and I love the fact that Heather stayed away from the normal holiday reds and gave us a different kind of Holiday collection. If you haven't tried any Loaded Lacquer polishes before, you really should give them a go, they're awesome!

You can get these gorgeous polishes on the Loaded Lacquer website, but it's currently closed until the end of January, so check back than.

What do you think of this polish? Do you like the white jelly based glitters or do you stay away from them as far as you can get?



  1. Gorgeous Anca! Looks good on you!

  2. Zulke nagellakjes heb ik nog nooit eerder gezien. Wat een onwijs tof effect!

    1. Bedankt!
      Deze is gemaakt door een van mijn favoriete indie merken en ik vind hem ook erg gaaf.