Zoya Wendy

I had a bit of a technical problem yesterday, so unfortunately I wasn't able to post anything. I got a new phone over the weekend and although I'm in love with it, I totally forgot that all my swatch pictures were still on my old phone... Not a big problem, I just had to connect my old phone to my laptop, get the pictures and save them on my laptop. Well... first my usb cable kinda broke, so it didn't connect to my phone or my laptop and when I fixed that problem and uploaded all my pictures to my laptop, my laptop died. Yup, who saw that one coming?

So, I have to do all my swatches all over again. Not a big deal, but because of the gray and gloomy weather, it did mean I didn't have any pictures yesterday and I only have a couple to show you today. But this is such a gorgeous polish, I just had to show you.

Zoya Wendy is a gorgeous pinktoned coral cream and was released as part of the Summer Tickled collection in 2014.

The formula is a bit patchy and a bit on the thicker side. It dries really fast and super shiny, but I did have to do 3 coats to get it opaque and even on my nails.

But just look at that color! Isn't that pretty? Ok, it's not really appropriate for this time of year, but I'm so over Winter, I needed some sunshine on my nails.

I usually get my Zoya polishes from Color4Nails, but if you live in the states, you can get it from the Zoya website. I think they just started shipping to Canada as well, so fingers crossed they'll start shipping to Europe soon!

Are you still rocking the darks or are you over Winter too and ready for something a little more colorful?



  1. Wow, didn't think I would like a coral polish, but this one is an exception!

    It looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Who cares, appropiate or not :-P Ik draag alle kleuren, of het nu winter of zomer is hoor! Heb nu een fel blauw lakje online, leuk toch? Vind 'm prachtig. Ik hou van koraal kleurtjes! Gek genoeg heb ik er niet zoveel van...

    1. Ha ha ha, je hebt gelijk hoor!
      Ik drag ook gewoon wat ik mooi vind, maar toch draag ik vaker donker in de herfst/winter en fel in de lente/zomer.

  3. this is a gorgeous colour, never tried a zoya polish before but I may have to pick up this shade! x

    1. Thanks!
      Zoya has a lot of awesome polishes, definitely worth trying!