piCture pOlish Nebula

Happy New Year everybody!
It's been a while since I last blogged, but I've had a bit of an emotional last couple of weeks. On Boxing Day we lost a family friend I was very close to and if that wasn't enough, my father in law had to be rushed to the hospital on the 31st of December. He's doing a lot better and keeps getting better every day luckily, but it's been a hectic time.

During those not so fun days, I did receive my prize from an Instagram giveaway and boy, are the polishes gorgeous! I was lucky enough to win the newest collaboration shades from Picture Polish and I'm over the moon, because I love them all! Today I have the first to show you.

Picture Polish Nebula is a gorgeous blue crelly base, packed with fuchsia and turquoise hex and small glitter. This polish was created with The Nail Polish Project and if  you want to read how she came up with this polish, click here.

The formula was a little on the thick and goopy side, but that's what happens when you pack so much glitter in a jelly base. I think I'm going to add a drop of thinner next time I use it, just to make it a little easier to apply. It was opaque in 2 coats and dried extremely fast. It does need a topcoat to smooth out the glitter and give it a nice shine.

I absolutely love how this looks on the nail and I'm already thinking about pairing it with a blue or green base, to see what it will look like. I love the glitter combo in it, it's just so fun and sparkly!

Picture Polish is available on their website and a lot of other websites (they have them all listed on the site), like Color4Nails, Harlow&Co and Pretty Polish.

I absolutely love this brand and own quite a few of them. If you haven't tried any of their polishes yet, I'd recommend checking them out!

What's your favorite Picture Polish?



  1. I don't own any Picture Polish, but Fools Gold is probably the one I want the most, and Cyan. This glitter looks amazing on you. Again, so sorry to hear about your friend and father in law. x

    1. I actually own Fools Gold, it's very pretty!
      Haven't worn it yet, as I only just got it :D

      Thanks so much.

  2. Oh meid, wat erg. Gecondoleerd met je verlies! Wat een vreselijke dagen voor je, en dat terwijl ze zo leuk hadden moeten zijn. Heel veel sterkte!! <3

    Nebula, wauw. Hij is echt prachtig zeg!!

    1. Bedankt.
      Ik had me inderdaad op een paar leuke, vrije dagen verheugd, maar dat is even anders gelopen.

      Hij is mooi he!