Dollish Polish Yo-ho Yo-ho a pirates life for me

Another Monday, another new week! Did you all have a nice weekend? I had a nice and quite couple of days at home with my hubbie. We went out to lunch, did some chores around the house and just spend some quality time together. I have to say, it's one of my favorite ways to spend my weekend.

Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you, Dollish Polish Yo-ho Yo-ho a pirates life for me is a red jelly base, packed with blue, gold, red and magenta micro glitter as far as I can tell. This polish was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and it's of course based on the famous pirate song.

The formula is really nice for such a dense glitter. It's easy to paint and opaque in 2 thin coats. The glitter comes out easily, without overloading the nail and it dries fast and shiny.

As you know I love my reds and this gorgeous glitter is no exception. I love the deep red base, paired with the multi colored glitter. It gives it a lot of depth and makes this a really fun polish to wear.

The fact that I keep think of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in their pirate outfits... well, that's just an added bonus!

Unfortunately this polish was discontinued, but did you know Dollish Polish has an Etsy store where she sells discounted polishes? This can be discontinued polishes or newer ones, she did have this one for sale a few weeks ago and she does regular restocks. If you want to check what she has to offer right now, click here!

Are you a Pirates of the Caribbean fan like me, or did you skip the movies?



  1. Ahhh me like! Hij is inderdaad leuk met die glitter!!

  2. Wow, gorgeous! And I like the name! :D

    1. Ha ha, thanks!
      Names are always an extra selling point :D