Beauty Box April 2014

When I got home from a lovely weekend at my parents, there was a little package waiting for me. The April Beauty Box had finally arrived! I usually like the products in the box, but they do ship it out extremely late. Every month they make promisses about shipping earlier, but every month we get it the Saturday after the last day of te month. Luckily that is my only complaint so far, let's have a look at the content of this months box!

The box itself is always a sleek, black box with the Beautybox logo on it. Inside you'l find a blue paper covering the products and a card. All the products in the box are listed on the back of this card, this month we got 5 products, 4 of which were full size. Not bad to be honest.

First up is a Rituals Shower Scrub. I've tried products from this line before and really love the scent, so I am very happy with this scrub! I can't wait to try it.

Next is an Inglot gel eye liner. I've been wanting to try a gel eye liner and Inglot is a brand I haven't tried before, but a friend of mine has and she really loves it. Unfortunatelly the liner came in a pinky red color. This is one of those colors that I doubt would look good on anybody, most people would look like they have a bad case of pinkeye wearing this shade. Such a shame, I would have loved almost any other color, but this one is not for me. The product itself does feel really nice and creamy and the pigmentation is ok. 

I also received a Miners matte face powder in the shade Medium. I'm not a medium, but looking at this product, neither is the powder. It's very llight and I think this would be a great match for my skintone and I'm extremely fair. So I'm happy medium isn't a true medium.

Powder and eye liner
The little tube is a Balance Me Balancing Moisturizer for normal to combination skin. I haven't tried anything from this brand yet, but we did receive a cleanser in the previous box. I'm always up for trying something new, can't wait to see if this will work for me!

Last but not least is a Golden Rose mascara. It says it defines and maximizes lashes on the tube and the brush seems nice. I love trying mascara's and am always on the hunt for that perfect one that is extremely black, seperates my lashes without clumping and gives me both lengt and volume. This one sounds good, let's hope it deliveres!

Overall I really like this box. I love the Rituals body scrub and Golden Rose mascara. The powder and moisturizer will be put to good use, but the gel eyeliner is a bit of a dissapointment color wise. Such a shame they gave me this weird color that looks good on nobody. I will try it though, hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised!

What do you think about this months box?



  1. He, wat jammer van de roze eyeliner. Dat is echt zo'n meh-kleurtje inderdaad!
    Is die oranje van Rituals die mandarijn-achtige geur?

    Op zich wel een leuke box dit keer...

    1. Het is de Orange and Cedar geur.
      Ruikt echt super lekker en de scrubdeeltjes zijn ook fijn, ik ben er blij mee!

      Ga de eye liner wel een keer proberen te gebruiken, maar denk dat het een gevalletje helaas pindakaas is.