Zoya Roxy

Every now and again you see a swatch of an older polish and you know in your heart you HAVE to have it! This happened to me a long long time ago with the next polish. I saw it, fell in love and realized Zoya isn't sold here. Luckily, I knew of a couple of sites that did stock this gorgeous brand, but of course they didn't have this particular polish.

I searched and searched, checking all the sites from time to time, but never found it in stock. That is until a friend of mine let me know that nailpolishfashion.nl was having a 50% off sale and I was browsing through their polishes deciding which ones to pick. My mouth dropped when I saw this was not only listed but in stock! I ordered it within 5 seconds!
Of course after all that hunting, this has been standing in my stash, untried, for a few months... No more!

Zoya Roxy is a gorgeous deep magenta base with magenta glitter. In some lights it looks more raspberry and in other lights it looks more red, but it's always stunning!

The formula was absolutely perfect! As this is a jelly base, I was expecting to do multiple coats, but this was almost opaque in just 1. I did see some bald spots here and there, so I added the second coat to fix that and intensify the color. It dried really fast and shiny, just the way I like it.

This was a hard polish to capture, it's just so deep and intense in real life, I feel my pictures don't quite do it justice. The glitter makes it really come alive on the nail and the color... oh, the color... I just can't get enough! It's deep and vampy, with just enough of a hint of pink. I don't think it comes as a big surprise this made it's way into my top 10 with a bang!

I can keep staring at it all day. I'm over the moon to finally have this little beauty in my stash.
What is the polish you hunted down for a long time and was it worth it or a total disappointment?