Pretty & Polished Barefoot in Dixie

A while ago, I saw that Pretty & Polished had a 30% off code on their Facebook page and since I had been eyeing a few of their polishes for a while, I took full advantage! Yesterday, my polishes finally arrived and as soon as I openend my package, I knew I wanted this on my nails!

Pretty & Polished Barefoot in Dixie is one of those weird color combination polishes. You either love it, or you hate it. This polish has a medium toned green milky cream base and is packed with green, purple, and pink small and medium sized hex glitter.

The formula is really nice. It glides on easily, needing only the tiniest bit of glitter placement. Just pushing a couple of glitters to a more open space on the nail was enough. I did 3 thin coats for full opacity, but if you do slightly thicker coats or have less of a free edge to your nail, you can totally get away with just 2 coats. It dried really fast and reasonably shiny, but you do need a good top coat to smooth it out.

Isn't that pretty? I immediately fell in love when I saw this on the P&P site, but it's even more stunning in real life. I happen to be a big fan of these types of polishes and I LOVE this one, it's totally unique to my collection.

This color is perfect for Spring and Summer, it reminds me a lot of fresh cut grass and that happens to be one of my favorite things in Spring, it just smells so nice.
Pretty & Polished is available on their website and on Etsy.

Do you like weird color/glitter combinations or are you more of a traditional polish kind of girl (or boy)?