Polish Alcoholic Summer 2014 swatches

I've been following Sabrina's blog, The Polish Alcoholic, for a while now and when she asked me if I wanted to swatch and review a few polishes from her new upcoming Summer 2014 collection I was over the moon!

She send me 3 polishes and a cuticle oil and in the bottle they all looked stunning! I immediately took off my current mani and put one of these on to try.

Let's start with the oil, because, well, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of cuticle oils. I prefer a cream for my extremely dry and down right horrible cuticles, but this smelled so nice, I did give it a go.

I got the Coco Ice Cream scent (or is it flavor? I never know with these types of product...) with my polishes and it smells like a milky coconut. I love this smell and it does linger on my fingers for a nice long while, without being too overpowering. I've been using it for about a week now and my cuticles are nice and soft. The oil sinks into my skin very quickly and I had no issues with greasy fingers what so ever.

The polishes I received are Lexell, Kohoutex and Hale-Bobb. If you're wondering about the names, instead of giving them typical summery names, all polishes in this collection are named after famous comets!

As soon as I openend the package, my eyes were drawn to Lexell, a gorgeous grey with a blue and pink shimmer.

Isn't that just stunning? The shimmer is really noticeable in real life, but because it's such a delicate shimmer, it's extremely hard to photograph...

The second polish is Kohoutex, a teal shimmer polish with blue, purple and green small hex glitter.

Last, but certainly not least is Hale-Bobb. This is a flaky topcoat and I tried layering it over several colors, to see what the effect would be. The white... well... as you can see it's not the biggest success, lol, but I love it over the blue and black. The flakies look stunning and give depth and life to the base.

The formula for all these polishes was really nice, opaque in 2 - 3 coats, depending on how thick you make your coats, they dry really fast and the brush is heaven! 

I was expecting the standard, nothing special brush but this totally surprised me!  It's a little wide, but not too wide, I'd say the perfect middle between an OPI and a China Glaze brush, it handles really nicely and fans out perfectly on the nail. I'm a big fan!

Overal, I love this collection and I was pleasantly surprised by all three polishes. The bottles are a little smaller than average, with only 10ml, but you still get a decent amount of polish.

The Summer 2014 collection will be available on June 1st and consists of the 3 polishes I just showed and 3 other polishes:

McNaught: Red, green and blue flaky topcoat
Hyakutake: Bright blue with silver flecks
Lovejoy: Red holographic

Polish Alcoholic is available on her Etsy site, here and she shippes internationaly.
Each of the colors in this collection retail for € 7.50, except for Lovejoy, which is prized at € 8.50.

Sabrina kindly gave me a discount code to share with all of you: use the code 10%OFF and get 10% off your entire order!

I love them all, but if you make me pick a favorite, I'll have to go with Lexell. I absolutely love it and can't wait to put that back on! Which one is your favorite?



  1. Prachtige lakjes! Ook het lettertype op het label is erg leuk.
    Ik denk dat de flakie top coat mijn favoriet is. Ben ook erg benieuwd naar die rode lak.

    1. Ze zijn echt zeer de moeite waard!
      De rode lijkt mij ook nog heel mooi, ik bedoel... rood... altijd goed :D