Dollish Polish Cold winds are rising

After all the bright, light and fun polishes, I felt it was time for just a bit of DarknTwisty on my nails. I'm so happy the weather is changing and the sun is coming out, but even in mid Summer, I crave a dark nail every now and then. This polish is perfect, as it is a little dark and dreary, but with a perfect glitter surprise.

Dollish Polish Cold winds are rising is a dark grey crelly base with icy blue small glitter. I picked this polish out of my stash, because it's inspired by Game of Thrones and I just started watching this show. Yes, I know, I'm a little (well... a lot actually) behind, but I finally started and now I can't get enough!

This has got to be one of the weirdest polishes I ever painted on my nails. The formula was nice, it flowed on my nails with ease, the glitter came out easily and it dried really fast.
The brush however was not so nice. One side was sticking out, making it really wide at the bottom and I had a problem with runaway hairs. I had to trim it down, otherwise I would end up with polish all over my cuticles and that's a first for me. I think I just got a wonky one, because I have several other Dolish polishes and those brushes are all fine.

What makes this polish really weird though, is the opacity. I did 1 coat and sighed, thinking this was never going to be opaque on its own, because I just saw glitter on my nail. That is until I looked at my tips and didn't really see a visible nail line... ok... weird...
I added a second coat and saw no visible nail line at all, but I did feel like it wasn't opaque at my cuticles. It was the weirdest thing ever. I debated if I was going to add the third coat, but decided that I needed it to get a more even finish.

With all the problems with the brush and the weird opacity, you'd think I would come out and say I don't like this polish, but I actually do. It's a nice and calm color, with a glitter surprise. This is a totally work appropriate color with a nice twist. I just wish mine would have a better brush...

Dollish Polish is available on her website, Llarowe and MeiMeiSignatures, but I'm not sure if this is still available as it is an older polish. If not, she has a lot of other gorgeous polishes, definitely worth checking out!

Have you ever had a weird experience with a polish like this?



  1. Ik vind 'm echt meer dan vreselijk in het flesje.. Maar jeetje, wat een SUPERGAAF lakje op de nagels <3 !

    Toevallig heb ik hetzelfde met het groene grease-lakje! Echt megasheer in het eerste laagje met her en der een verdwaalde glitter, maar met 2de laagje ineens perfecte dekking!

    1. Ik vind hem ook echt zo verrassend!
      Heerlijke lak <3

      Ja, daar ben ik heel benieuwd naar :D

  2. Wat een mooie glitters in die grijze lak. Jammer dat je wat probleempjes had tijdens het lakken.

    1. Bedankt!
      Ach, voor zo'n resultaat heb ik wel wat moeite over :D

  3. Wauw ! Ik ben helemaal niet zo'n nagellak fanaat zeker niet van zulke donkere, maar eens hij op je nagels is ziet ie er zo mooi uit ! Ik ga er ook toch eens naar zoeken !

    1. Dank je, de glitters maken het echt een blikvanger.