China Glaze Vermillion

Red... Red nails... Red lips... Red everything!

By now you probably know I love red nails. Nothing beats a classy red nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I love all colors on my nails and I'm a huge fan of switching it up, but whenever I have a special occasion, a romantic date, or something like that, I always opt for a red nail.

Last night I painted my nails and I instantly felt... well... sexy! So today I added a subtle silver and gray smokey eye, gray dress, gray ankle boots with stiletto heels and MAC Ruby Woo on my lips. Good to go!

Making me feel this way is quite the accomplisment for just one little polish. Sexy, confident, secure and feminine... Who wouldn't want that? Which polish does all this you ask? Well, China Glaze Vermillion of course!

It's not even a special polish, just a true red cream, but there is just something about it... I can't put my finger on it, but I always feel really good when I wear this polish. The formula is perfect, it flows on the nail, is opaque in 2 thin coats and dries fast and shiny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little gem.

2 coats Vermillion, 1 coat SV
This is an older polish, it should still be available in webshops but I doubt you'll be able to find it in stores. I'm not sure when this came out originally, I stumbled across it one day when browsing the internet and I fell in love.

If any of you can tell me when this came out, please do!
Do you own this polish and what is your favorite red polish?

I might have to start thinking about fabricating some kind of light box, because I'm losing my picture taking light due to the fall weather... Anybody got some good tips on how to make one?



  1. Such a classic red! It is so great that a little nail polish can make ya feel sexy, but it's so true!! You go girl ;)

    1. Don't underestimate the power of polish!