Penélope Luz Lucky Fairy

When I first saw this polish, it immediately reminded me of Ireland. Not only because it's a green polish, but also because of its name. I know Ireland is usually associated with Leprechauns and not so much fairy's, but still, it screamed Ireland to me.

Ever since I lived there for a couple of years, I have a weak spot for everything Irish and this polish is no exception. Penélope Luz Lucky Fairy is a crap ton of glitter in a murky green base. There are different sized green, gold and even some black hex glitters. I also see the occasional black square and a bit of holo micro glitter in there. Who wouldn't love that?

You could get this polish opaque on its own in 2 thick or 3 thin coats, but because it's so packed with glitter, I like it better layered over an opaque base. For this mani, I layered Lucky Fairy over 2 coats of Color Club Rebel Debutante, a forest green polish, but it's also stunning over black.
Rebel Debutante
I don't really like Rebel on it's own, it dries to a rubbery matte finish and it's streaky as hell, but as a base, it works fine. The formula for Fairy is the complete opposite, it's briljant! Easy to apply, dries fast and no need to fish for glitter, they come out willingly.

This is just 1 coat of Lucky Fairy, just look at the amount of glitter on my nails! I absolutely love this polish! It's stunning and I can't get enough. The finish is really smooth for a glitter, I only needed 1 coat of HK Girl to smooth this out.

Penélope Luz is a Brazilian indie brand, started by a nail blogger in August 2012. I own just a few of this brand, but every single one of them is perfect. I would definitely recommend checking out Penélope Luz! They are available on Color4Nails and will set you back about $ 8.50 a bottle.

Did you know this brand and what is your favorite indie brand?



  1. What a stunning deep and rich looking!

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous! Penélope Luz has a lot of gorgeous polishes, definitely worth checking out!

  2. Oh I'm positively sighing with envy! How beautiful!! x