OPI Samoan Sand

Today I have a polish for you that is totally out of my comfort zone. When I did the Mani Monday nude polish, I realized I don't own a single nude polish. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but having a nice, nude color in your stash that matches your skintone perfectly is, in my opinion, a very good thing to have.

I sadly realized this when I was confronted with the passing of a co-worker and I had no clue what to wear in case I had to attend a funeral. Color is just not appropriate and naked nails is not an option for me, because of discoloration. I immediately started researching nude colors to find my perfect match, but every single polish was just to dark. That is, untill I tried OPI Samoan Sand. This is a very pale nude cream polish. I think it's kinda ugly in the bottle...

When I held the bottle against my skin, it actually looked really nice. It was the closest I could find to my skintone, so I decide to give it a go and bought it. I was really afraid I would hate it on my nails, because, well... I just don't do nude nails. Imagine my surprise when I actually really liked! It's so calm and understated, it gives a really sophisticated look to my nails and it matches my skintone perfectly.

3 coats Samoan Sand, 1 coat SV
The formula on this polish surprised me, in a good way. I thought it was going to be sheer as hell, streaky and patchy as these light colors tend to be, but this was really nice to work with. It did take 3 coats to be fully opaque, but it levelled on the nail really easy and dried fast, so 3 coats wasn't a big deal.

I've worn this allready and not for the sad occasion I bought it for. I think this is a very versatile polish to have and it will definitely get a lot of use from me. I already have several nail art projects in mind using this polish.

How do you feel about nude polish and what is the best one for your skintone?



  1. It looks nice Anca. I discovered how much I dont care for nudes on a regular basis but it is so true...sometimes they are whats appropiate! Glad younfound your perfect nude. I am still on the hunt for a perfect creamy colored nude. I think I will enjoy that.

    1. This one is really nice, but you do have to be really pale for it to work.