Halloweek: Dollish Polish Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake

I am a huge fan of horror movies, I can watch them anytime and I watch all types of horror. When I saw Dollish Polish was releasing a Halloween collection, inspired by horror movies, I was all over that! The entire collection has 8 polishes, but I only got 5 of them, because the other 3 didn't appeal to me. Today I have one of those polishes for you.

Dollish Polish Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake is inspired by Friday the 13th and even though the movie is not one of my favorites, I love this polish! Dollish' description of this polish is spot on:

Inspired by the movie, Friday The 13th, This Navy Blue jelly jammed-packed with hexagon & dots glitters in multi shades of Blue, Silver, and Turquoise giving the illusion of "lake-like" crystal water appearance on your nails, minus the crazy guy in the hockey mask.

I have to admit, this polish is a weird one for me. I normally really don't like sheer polishes, they annoy me and don't look good on my nails. But this one... This is a true jelly base and as a result, it is really sheer. I did 3 coats, and it's still not completely opaque. But, I actually love that about this polish! It looks like a jelly sandwich and fits the name perfectly! It's that perfect lake water color, blue with a hint of green, almost teal, packed with different sized glitter and large round holo glitter. Stunning!

The formula was really nice and it dried fast, but I did have to fish the large round glitter out of the bottle, after 3 coats of polish I had a total of 0 on my nails without fishing... jup... none came out on their own. They do make this polish special, so I think the fishing is definitely a must, but with a result like this, I really didn't mind.

I love this collection and will be showing the other ones I got very soon!

What's your favorite Halloween polish?