Tag: What the nail?!?

A while ago, this tag was going around on Youtube and I think I watched every video made. I loved it! A whole tag about nothing but nailpolish! So when my Mani Monday Friend Lindsay (from Lindsay does nails and Always a Girly Girl, go check her out, she has an awesome nailpolish collection!) posted a new video from Kimberly (Pop Culture) with this tag and told us she would love to see our answers, of course I couldn't say no. Although I don't do video's, I made it work as a blogpost :D

So here are the questions and my answers.

1. You are stranded on an island, you have all the necessary tools such as remover, etc... What polish do you have?

Just 1 polish? Really? That just gave me a mini heartattack...
It has to be something really fun and cheerful, that makes me smile everytime I look at my nails...

I think I'll go with China Glaze 108 Degrees.
This polish is the polish that started it all really. It's by no means my first or favorite polish, but it is the first polisht I absolutely loved and this little gem made me crave more polish. So every time I wear this, it makes me smile and that is a very good thing to have in case I'm stranded on an island.

2. What is you least favorite polish?

I have 2 that I don't like, for various reasons. Actually, I used to have a lot more, but I have given those away to people who did like them or just thrown them in the trash if they were really awfull.
The first one is OPI Mod about you. It's a really nice polish, the formula isn't bad and I like the color in the bottle. The problem with this polish is that it doesn't like me! On a personal level! It's really nice, but it isn't the best with my skintone and every time I wear this polish, people keep asking me what the hell I'm wearing on my nails. Did I really think I could pull that color off? It's just so not me! I've hear a lot of really nice things: "It's just to sweet and cute for you" "Baby pink? Really? You think you can pull that off?" "No! Just: NO! Take it off!" You're just to bitchy for that sweet color." Thanks friends... I love you too...

The other one really hurts me to say and I can actually feel Lu cringing when she finds out about this one, but it's Butter London Henley Regatta. I wanted, no, coveted Butter London for so long and was over the moon when I bought my first (and till this day, only) polish. It's a stunning teal green micro glitter and I love, love, love the color! But I hate, hate, hate!!! the polish. I can not seem to keep this polish on my nails. It comes of in big old chunks and there is nothing I can do to make it stay. I've worn this only a couple of times and now it just sits in my stash, looking oh so pretty. Every time I see this bottle I cry a little... Why Butter London, Why? (full review and pictures, click here)

3. Which polish best reflects your personality?

Well... just read the comments my lovely friends make about me and you'll totally understand why I choose this polish! China Glaze Naughty and Nice. I think the name says it all... I'm a little bit nice and a lot naughty :D

4. Which polish could you wear all year round, to every occasion?

Definitely a red. I have said many times: when in doubt, go for red! You just can't go wrong with a classy red nail and I can't get enough! Red is so chic, so sophisticated and I love it!

Girls just want to play, Vodka&Caviar, Smolder
5. What is your favorite polish for your toes?

I like to switch things up on my toes, but I always go for a cream, sometimes a shimmer, but never a glitter. I just can't deal with the pain of taking glitter polish off my toes.

I don't have a specific polish I really like on my toes, it depends on my mood, the weather, what I feel like and sometimes I just let my husband choose. Recently I have been wearing Essie Hip-Anema and Essence Let's get lost on my toes.

Hip-Anema, Let's get lost
6. What color makes you happy?

No doubt about it, Essie Butler Please! It's bright, in your face blue and this is the only polish in my stash that I have a back up for.

7. What is the most unique polish you own?

I could have gone with one of my many beloved indie polishes, they are all so unique and gorgeous, but to answer this truthfullly, I have to go with my absolutely unique polishes.

A while ago, about 2 years I think, a friend of mine bought some pigment. She quickly realized the amount she ordered was more than she could ever use in multiple lifetimes, so she made a couple of polishes for  me (and a select group of people). The polishes don't have names, but we always lovingly call them our antrax polishes, because my friend had a little bit of trouble with the pigment... it litterally goes everywhere, just like antrax! (don't worry, there is no antrax anywhere near these polishes, me or my friends, it's just a name thing ;) )

I love these layered over a dark color, my favorite combo is over OPI Russian Navy.

8. Which nail trend do you like best?
a) bright neons
b) soft pastels
c) sultry darks
d) classy nudes

Do I even need to answer this? lol!
c) sultry darks of course! I live for those polishes!

9. What is the oldest polish you own?

I recently gave a whole lot of polishes away, including all my older polishes, so I don't have my really old ones anymore. The oldest currently in  my stash are China Glaze Street Chic and Traffic Jam. These where actually the first China Glaze polishes I bought. Both are creams and nice sublte, soft colors, so not me anymore! I do wear them still, but not so much on their own. I usually pair them with a glitter or an accent nail.

10. Which polish has the cutest name?

I went two ways with this question. I had to go with Essie Cute as a Button because, well, the name even says cute!

The other polish that immediately came to mind is an indie polish. Although I didn't love the color when I first saw it, I had to have it because the name is just... mind boggling! When I saw a friend of mine swatch this polish, I really liked it and decided to finally get it, but still, it's the name that makes this polish! I mean, who in their right mind would name a polish A Unicorn Farted in my Polish??? Dollish Polish, that's who! And I'm happy she did, because it makes me laugh every single time.

11. What is your favorite brand of polish?

Hmmm... though one...
I love so many polishes and so many brands, all for different reasons...

But Misa is the one brand that stands out, because it has never dissapointed me. The formula is perfect for every single polish and the brush is just awesome! The only reason I don't own more is because the color range is just not that unique or varied. But I do love this brand and my Misa collection is always growing.

I loved answering these questions and tag all of you to do the same.
Can't wait to read your answers!



  1. Fabulous post Anca, I gotta do this!

    I hated Mod About you at first, because of the formula, but I added a little thinner and seemed to be...but I guess it all depends on your colouring.

    I love all your dark vampy colours :)

    1. Thanks Marianne!
      You really need to do this, I would love to see your answers! Consider yourself tagged :D

  2. Love this! I don't do well with the "sweet, cute pinks" either! lol

    1. Glad I'm not the only one, lol.
      You should really do this tag too, would love to read your answers :D

  3. This was a fantastic post! Love it. I may have to do this on my blog as well! I really enjoyed reading!