Halloweek: Ghost and Googly eyes


It's finally here, today is actually Halloween! Not that I will notice it other than on my nails, because Halloween is not celebrated here. But I love it and I did do a fun nail art today. I have to say, this might be my favorite art I've ever done and it is really simple.

I have been eyeing the little ghost that Marianne did on her blog, NailpolishSleuth, for quite some time and what better time to try these guys out than Halloween :D

They are easy and fun and you only need a black and white polish and a dotting tool. Even I can do them and that is saying a lot, lol! I did end up having all sorts of trouble, I bumped my hand on the table after applying my white ghost, had bubbles and was just being clumpsy...  but I did manage to get it on my nails and I love it! Look at my little friend:

Isn't that fun and "scary" at the same time? I am already thinking of ways I can get away with this mani when Halloween is over, lol.

I used my favorite black and white polish for this mani, China Glaze Liquid Leather and OPI My boyfriend scales walls. I think I'll try a skittles googly eyes mani later, I think that might be fun too.

Do you celebrate Halloween and what is your favorite thing to do?