Halloweek: Bloody Nails

This is the last day of Halloweek allready... I'm feeling a little sad it's over...
Luckily I have a lot of gorgeous glitters, that nobody will link to Halloween but me, so I can wear them all year round and only I will know it's actually a Halloween polish. Kinda like having a little secret all by myself.

On this last day, I have another nail art. I have been seeing a lot of this design on Instagram, Youtube and other blogs, so this is by no means my own idea, but I just loved it so much and it screamed Halloween to me, so I had to try my own version of it.

I used a few things to create this Blood dripping mani. OPI My boyfriend scales walls, my favorite and, at the moment, only white polish. China Glaze Phat Santa, one of my favorite reds, but the reason I choose this one is that it is pretty much opaque in 1 coat. To create the drops on my nails, I used a dotting tool.

I started off with 2 coats of Boyfriend and let that dry. I then placed a few drops of red on my nail with the dotting tool and dragged the drops down towards the tip of my nails. With the brush of the red polish, I filled in the gaps and voila! Blood dripping down my nails :D

I think this is a really fun mani, next time I will add some shading and maybe a few loose drops here and there, but for a first try, I think it turned out pretty good!

What's your favorite Halloween design?



  1. I think this is awesome and I can't believe it was your first time with this technique!! Great job!!

  2. Great job Anca! Your secret Halloween Manis sound fun! :)

  3. Great job, I have never tried a blood manicure.