Color Club Nouveau Vintage

When I first saw this polish, I was immediately drawn to the unusual color combination. In the bottle, it's a bronze brown shimmer with a green shimmer vaining running through it. The name, Color Club Nouveau Vintage,  is perfect for this polish, because it totaly looks like a bronze statue with the green petina caused by aging running through it.

The formula is nice, opaque in 2 coats and it dries really fast. I love the Color Club brush, it's nice and small, but fans out on the nail to  make aplication a breeze.

Gorgeous color, but where is that nice green vaining??? It totally dissapears on the nail and that was what sold me on this polish. Don't get me wrong, the bronze shimmer is nice, but it's not a color I like to wear. Looks like Color Club added the green to make us fall in love with this polish and then did a Houdini by making it dissapear on the nail...

Such a shame! Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice polish, but it's nothing special. If you like bronze tones, this is a good one for you, if you like your polishes a bit more special, I'd say skip this one.

What's your favorite Color Club polish?



  1. This is such a beautiful colour. I don't wear these types of colours (nothing in the bronze or brown family generally) because I don't think they suit me particularly, but this is really very pretty.

  2. Another great shade on you Anca...don't ya hate when the polish effect in the bottle doesn't transfer to nail...grrr