Mani Monday's: US Thanksgiving


Another Monday, another Mani Monday theme! This time it's a familiar one: Thanksgiving.
I didn't even know there was a difference in the Candadian and US Thanksgiving, but apparently there is (not really, they only happen on different days, but still... it's a difference!). I had trouble coming up with an idea for the Canadian Thanksgiving theme and this time it was no different. I think the fact that I don't actually celebrate this holiday may have something to do with that.

But eventually I came up with a fun design that is 100% appropriate for Thanksgiving! I was watching something about the first Thanksgiving and a kid dressed as a Pilgrim came on screen. I was looking at her outfit and thought the hat would make a great mani! I grabbed some polishes and got to work!

I started with a black base, added a white strip and drew on the buckle with a silver polish.

Liquid Leather, white striper, Icicle
My painting skills leave something to be desired, but I do like the result. It's fun, festive and perfecte for Thanksgiving. I did realize I did the buckle wrong, but to be honest, I don't really care, lol.

I love black and white mani's and even if you don't celebrate this holiday, I think this is a fun and easy nail art. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What is your favorite part of this Holiday?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Oh boy... how many times did I mention Thanksgiving in this post???