This is the second day in the #XMASNORULES challenge and the theme is Snow. I love snow! Especially when I'm inside, warm and toasty and there's no need to go outside, unless I just want to take a walk through the snow. Unfortunately, I usually have to make my way to work and somehow it seems my little country just isn't equipt for snow, because after a good snow fall, all traffic is just jammed and it takes me 3 hours to get to work instead of the normal 45 min.

But other than that, snow is one of the most beautifull things mother nature provides. I always feel so calm and serene when I'm walking through a winter wonderland. I just can't get enough.

For my nail art, I decided to keep it simple, as past experience has taught me I'm not the best at art. I painted my nails blue, added snow flakes and a dusting of holo glitter, because, let's be real, glitter makes every mani better! The result is very simple, but I like it.

For this nice, easy mani I used 2 polishes and a nail art striper.

Butler Please, striper, Fairy Dust
What's your favorite thing about snow?
Do you get a lot of white snow where you live, or is it mainly slush like we tend to get?



  1. Wauw, wat een gave nailart!
    Ik vind vooral de glitters erover heel erg mooi, maakt het net wat specialer!

  2. I love snow also...when I am sitting in a nice warm house :)
    Great job with the snow flakes...my attempt at them was a complete fail.

    1. Thanks Marianne, I did do them the easy fool proof way, lol.

  3. Oooh, I love this mani!! Good job on those beautiful snowflakes!!

  4. I love snow so much! US Indiana winters are nice and cold and we get several inches of snow each winter with periods of melts and 50 degree weather in between. Love this Mani!!

    1. That sounds like perfect winter weather! I wish we had the same...
      Thanks :D