Essence Alice had a vision... Again!

Happy Monday everybody! Unfortunately I don't have a Mani Monday for you today, as I didn't have time the last few days to create something nice on my nails... I might do a Mani Wednesday instead, but let's see if I can get creative. To add to my time issues, I have internet connection issues as well. My internet is down at home so I have limited acces and have to see if I can get posts uploaded, but I will do my best. I did manage to have a nice post for today!

Sometimes I see a polish, have to have it and add it to my stash, never to be taken out again...
This happenend with this polish, that is, untill I re-discovered it last week and decided it was just to gorgeous to be standing in my Helmer, untried and unloved.

Essence Alice had a vision... Again! is a limited edition polish and was released with the Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 collection in 2012. As it was LE, it's no longer available in store, but if you really want it, you can still find it on Amazon or Ebay.

This is a deep, dark purple polish, filled with purple shimmer/micro glitter. I think it's glitter, but it's so finely milled it almost looks like a shimmer. This is such a gorgeous color, I don't understand why I haven't tried it before.

The formula was ok, a little on the thick side and even a little goopy, but still easy to get on the nail. Opaque in 2 thin coats, but it dried a little dull, so a shiny top coat is a must. This bottle is different from the normal Essence bottle and I like it a lot better. I don't feel like I'm going to tip it over and spill the polish everywhere. The brush is not so nice though, short and stubby and paired with the big round handle, it takes a little getting used to...

Overall I like this polish and am glad I picked it up.
Do you own any of the Twilight polishes and what is your favorite?


  1. It looks so nice! I would have never guessed it was almost goopy! Pretty!

  2. Great vampy colour...and my fav colour, love!

    1. Too bad it's no longer available, otherwise I would have gotten you a bottle!
      I bet it would look stunning on you :D