#XMASNORULES: Christmas Lights

Lucky for me this is a No Rules Christmas Challenge, because I totally got my dates mixed up...
I thought today was the Christmas Lights day, turns out it was yesterday. Oh well, It's probably still December 2nd in some part of the world.

I love Christmas lights, they are so cheerful and festive. I always decorate my Christmas tree with a lot of lights and have candles burning everywhere. Usually I tend to have just white lights, but for this nail art, I opted for the colored ones, because that just makes my mani more fun and festive.

I really liked how these turned out. This is by no means an original design, I have seen it all over Youtube and on several blogs, but I loved the idea and decided to give them a try. After seeing this on my nails, I didn't think they were quite festive enough, so I added a bit of sparkle. Normally I think sparkle makes everything better, but in this case I don't know. I like them with and without the sparkle.

I used quite a lot of polishes for this mani and I also used a little brush to get the bulbs on my nails. I found it was fun and easy to do, so even if you're nail art challenged like me, you should be able to pull this of.

Four leaf clover, striper, Happy go lucky, 3 stripers, Golden Enchantment
What do you think? Do you prefer them with or without the sparkle?



  1. I love that you used Four Leaf Clover,,,what a great base! Everything is better with glitter :)

    1. It's one of my favorite polishes and the perfect christmas tree color :D

  2. Great job Anca! I love them both ways...but I'm a sparkle girl!

    1. So am I Jaime, it just is a little more festive with the sparkle :D