#XMASNORULES: Gingerbread Man

I'm loving this challenge so much, everybody is creating so many gorgeous mani's and I'm really getting inspired to try even more nail art!
Today's theme was a struggle for me though, I had no idea what to do with Gingerbread man... I watched a lot of tutorials on youtube and googled my heart out, but I didn't find anything that I really liked AND was able to recreate. So finally, I just gave up and chose a very simple art.

It's just the Gingerbread man "suit". Frosting on the bottom and 2 little buttons on his belly. I don't like how this turned out at all! I really think I should have kept the frosting part a little smaller and the buttons... don't get me started!

Even the pictures are really bad, because my home made light box was demolished by my cat. Apparently it did something bad to Dinkie in the dark, because she got so mad at the poor little light box and literally tore it to shreds... No fixing that and I am now on the hunt for a proper light box. Suggestions are more than welcome!

Anyway, I managed to get a few pictures so I have something to show you.

I used China Glaze Street Chic for my base color, I had to, it's the only brown polish I own...
The white frosting is a striper, as is the red line.
The buttons are made with China Glaze Four leaf Clover and Phat Santa.

Let's quickly forget about today's theme and move on to the next one: Christmas Tree.
I should be able to get someting nice on my nails for that one!

Did you find Gingerbread an easy theme?



  1. I have to admit, every theme is a challenge for me but yes, let's move on from the cute gingerbread men!! lol You did a great job and I love how you topped the "icing" with red!! Great job!!

    1. I know the feeling Lu, but I actuatlly love how you work your way around doing art :D

  2. I'm with you guys on moving forwardl! Lu is right the topping the icing was a great touch!! These do say gingerbread men!!!

  3. I agree Anca, we must 'remove' gingerbread men from next years challenge ;)
    I love your mani, you have such beautiful nails!!

    1. Yeah, I think we can think of something better for next year, this was a struggle.
      Thanks so much!