Dollish Polish 1,2, Freddy's coming for you!

This time of year I seem to love my glitters, especially my red and green glitters. I love the holiday season and those are the perfect holiday colors! I am always on the hunt for China Glaze's Party Hardy, but so far, no luck. I know there a several dupes for it, but I can't get my hands on any of those. So when I saw this polish, I was all over it!

Dollish Polish 1,2, Freddy's coming for you is an clear base packed with red, green, magenta and black glitter. Because I layered it over black, the red, green and magenta glitter is the most noticable on the nail and I absolutely love it!

This is just 1 coat over 1 coat of black.The formula was perfect! No need to dab the glitter, it came out the botlle and off the brush with ease with great opacity. It dried really fast, but a little on the dull side, so a shiny top coat is a must. This also smooths out the polish, as it is rather chunky because of all the glitter.

Of course the inspiration for this polish, which was part of the Halloween Fright Nights Collection 2013 is none other than mr Freddy Kreuger himself, the well know character from A nightmare on Elm Street.

I just can't get over this collection, I picked up 5 of the 8 polishes and they are all great, so be prepared to see a few more! I think Dollish Polish came out with the best Halloween collection ever this year! But because Halloween is just 1 day, I couldn't wear them all, even though I did a whole week of Halloween mani's, but I think this is great for the entire holidays season.

Do you own any Dollish Polishes and what are your favorites?
I have quite a few more on my wishlist, I'm sure that "You'll shoot yur eye out, kid", "Purple Nurples", "It's bigger on the inside" and "I wanna do bad things with you" will eventually be added to my stash, along with a few more... I mean, how can I, as a big Big Bang Theory fan, resist a polish called "I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested"???

Dollish Polish is available on her site (click here) and on Llarowe (click here).
Keep up the good work Dollish Polish!



  1. I lóve it! The name, the glitters... Perfect polish!!

    1. It is a stunner!
      You definitely need this in your stash :D

  2. Great glitter polish, I love it over black!

    1. I absolutely love this and am going to try it over white next.
      Red and green wasn't that great, the glitter didn't show up...

  3. Looks fantastic! I have never tried anything from them but apparently I need to!