Orly Angel Eyes

When I was trying to decide which polish to show for yesterdays theme, I almost picked this polish, but with it being the Holiday season, I had to go with Party Hearty.

Orly Angel Eyes is a lightly blue tinted base packed with blue small glitter and larger holo hex glitter that came out with the Naughty and Nice Holiday collection in 2012.

The formula is perfect, it gives enough coverage in one coat but as the base is not that opaque, I would recommend layering it over an opaque color. For this mani, I used China Glaze Splish Splash. This polish has to be one of the hardest to capture in a picture! My poor camera freaked out because this sparkles so much and all my swatches turned out a little blurry.

This dries shiny on its own, but I always add a fast drying topcoat, to make it extra shiny and smooth out the finish, although this wasn't too bad. I love this, it always makes me smile. It looks like a blue disco ball on my nails, perfect for the holidays!

What's your favorite glitter polish?



  1. I love this gorgeous, sparkly blue on you!!

  2. Looks great on you...so sparkly! I actually have this polish, I forgot I had it...need to pull it out!!!