#XMASNORULES: Holiday Movie

One of my favorite things to do during my Christmas holiday is snuggle on my couch and watch a Holiday Movie. They always make me feel so warm and cosy. But what were we thinking making Holiday Movies a theme for this challenge? Seriously, I had a great idea for today's theme and was really excited, untill I got started and saw what it actually looked like on my nails... I couldn't stop laughing and immediately took a picture to send to a friend. She tried not to laugh and tell me it wasn't all that bad, but even she couldn't hold in a chuckle...

After this big fiasco, I tried again, unfortunately with the same result. But I have to admit, I kinda like both my attempts. Not because they are gorgeous mani's, because trust me, they're not, but because I had such fun in the process.

So, instead of coming up with another idea, one that I could actually pull off, I decided to be a good sport and make you laugh by showing you my 2 Holiday Movies nail art gone wrong attempts!

The first movie is not really a Holiday Movie, but it is for me. I only watch this movie around the holidays and I absolutely love it! Bonus points for those of you who can guess the movie by looking at the following big fat fail!

You give up? I know, it's terrible, but still, I like it. I did my best and I have to start somewhere. I should have know I wouldn't be able to pull it off, I am the worst at drawing on paper, let alone on a tiny nail! But this is supposed to be the Corpse Bride.

After this fail, I decided to make my challenge a bit easier and try my hand at a character of an actual Holiday Movie. This is a black and white figure, so I thought this would be easy enough.... wrong! I managed to mess this one up too. But it is a little better than my bride I think.

Any idea which movie I was going for? If you guessed The nightmare before Christmas, you are totally right! Looking at the picture below, I thought it was going to be easy as pie, black, white, 2 eyes, 2 triangles for a nose and a mouth. Can't be all that hard, right? Goes to show I totally overestimated my nail art skills...

I hope you had a good chuckle, I know I did! Even though the result leaves something (well, a lot actually) to be desired, I still love both of these. Let's just hope that I get better with time and I can show you something nice next year!

What's your favorite Holiday Movie?



  1. I think you did a great job on the Corpse Bride! The eyes are SO sweet! I also love your Jack Skellington...too cute! This challenge was a big fail for me, but I did try (no pics, though).

    1. Thanks Lu!
      Why no pictures? Always take pictures! Now I'm even more curious... ha ha ha!

  2. I think they both look great !
    LOL...strike gingerbread men and fav holiday movie next time.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes on the Gingerbread, but I actually had so much fun with Holiday Movie, that I think we should keep it :D

  3. Aww...I like your corpse bride!! I love these because the yes no force us to try something new. I think it helps us get better!