Kiko Sugar Mat 451 Apricot

Do you all know those t-shirts that say "My best friend went to *fill in appropriate destination here* and all she brought me is this stupid t-shir"? Well, I wanted to name this blogpost "My best friend went to Italy and all she brought me were these 21 Kiko polishes!" Yes, that's right, 21 polishes! I have the best friends :D

Today I have the first of those polishes for you. I decided to start with the one I actually like the least, to safe the best for last... kind of...
Kiko Sugar Mat 451 Apricot is a textured polish that has, like the name says the color of apricots. I'm not quite sure if Apricot is the name of this polish, because on the bottle they just have numbers, but this was part of a Sugar mat set and this name is on the box.

Sugar mat is the Kiko textures line and they have several colors. This is a peachy pinky salmon color (I know, bad description, but it's the best I can do for this color), with a hot pink shimmer.

It looks really nice in the bottle, but I was afraid it would make me look dead and unfortunately, I was right. The shimmer does translate on to the nail, but not as strong as in the bottle. I'm not the biggest texture fan, but this seems to be a bit finer than the OPI Liquid Sands and I think I just might like these better.

The formula was nice, this is 2 coats on my nails, but I should have done a 3rd. Last night it looked opaque, but in daylight, I can still see some bald spots, althoug it is less noticable in person than in my pictures. It dried really fast, like most textures and because of the shimmer, it sparkles on the nail. This is a nice neutral color, appropriate for every occasion, even job interviews. I like that they include a neutral sugar mat in the set and I do like the color, it just doesn't like me back.

Have you tried Kiko polishes and what do you think?