Hare Dog Day Dream and OPI Dim Sum Plum

You're in luck today! Two polishes in one post! Both can be worn alone, but I just love them so much paired together. They compliment eachother nicely and combined they give my mani a sophisticated bling look, without being over the top.

The first polish is OPI Dim Sum Plum, a pinktoned plum cream that has a gorgeous formula. Opague in just 2 coats, it levels nicely and dries super fast. The finish is nice and glossy.

The glitter polish I always pair with this gorgeous cream is Hare Dog Day Dream, a raspberry pinkish jelly base with blue, red and orange medium hex glitter and larger blue glitter. At least, that's what I see in my bottle. The formula is really nice for a polish so packed with glitter. When used on its own, it's opaque in 2 -3 coats, but I did just 1 coat layered over Dim Sum Plum.

Together they create a stunning manicure, just look at these swatches! I love this combo in every season, it's stunning and just so cheerful. Sometimes I wear Dog on just 1 nail, sometimes 2, but I also love it with Dim Sum as the accent en the rest of the nails glittery. I play around with it a lot, to create a unique manicure every time.

Do you own any Hare polishes and what are your favorites? I would like to add a couple more to my collection, because they are just so nice.

What is your favorite glitter combination?



  1. Love Dim Sum Plum and it is fabulous on you!

  2. Thanks Marianne, it's one of my favorite cream polishes.