#XMASNORULES: Red and Green

Today is the first day of the #XMASNORULES Christmas Mani Challenge and we start this month off with Red and Green. I chose a green that I always gravitate towards around Christmas. It's just so pretty and sparkly, Color Club Holiday Splendor.

For my red, I chose a true Christmas red, China Glaze Phat Santa. It's a red cream and I use it a lot in holiday mani's (and other mani's, because let's be honest, I just love this polish).

Because I love both polishes so much, I didn't want to do too much to them, I just want them to shine together, so I opted for a simple French tip. I think this is the second time ever I tried my hand at a French tip and it is nowhere near perfect, so be gentle :D

I love both these polishes and I love them paired together. They just scream Christmas to me.
I can't wait to see all the other #XMASNORULES mani's, I'm so excited about this challenge!

What is your favorite holiday polish?



  1. It looks very pretty and classy!!!

  2. Oh so pretty! Your nails continue to amaze me!!

  3. AWESOME mani!! I adore the green french tip, it's just perfect.

    1. I wouldn't quite call it perfect, but I like the idea, lol

  4. You have the best reds Anca,,,and you are rocking the red/green french, LOVE!

  5. This combination is amazing!
    Love love love it!
    Where did you buy holiday splendor?
    This will be mine christmas mani :)

    1. Thanks Laura, it's my favorite holiday polish :D
      I've had it for a long time, not quite sure where I got it... I think at Nailsupplies.us or transdesign.com
      But I think nailpolishfashion.nl has it too, or you can try eBay.