China Glaze Too yacht to handle

We've been having some really nice, sunny weather the last few days and it made me crave those bright and vibrant polishes. I've been rocking a lot of neons, bright pastels, etc. and this polish fits right in that categorie!

China Glaze Too yacht to handle is a minty blue green cream. This is a hard color to describe, it reminds me a bit of the Tiffany blue color, but it's a little more green and a lot more vibrant, but oh boy, is it gorgeous! This polish was part of the 2013 summer Sunsationals collection, but it's still available online.

The formula however is... well... bad. It's streaky and patchy and basically just a pain to deal with. I applied 2 coats, but I should have done a third to completely even it out. The dry time was really fast, but like most (almost) neons, it dried a little matte, so a shiny top coat is a must.

I do love this and I have a general love for most neon polishes, but isn't there anything that can be done about the horrible formula? Do I just need to accept that neons (and most pastels) have an awful formula and move on? I will always be on the hunt for that gorgeous neon polish with a great formula, if you know of any, please let me know!

If you do want this kind of color, but don't want to deal with the formula, you're better off putting For Audrey on your nails, or Barry M Green Berry.

For audrey, Too yacht to handle, Green Berry
As you can see, they aren't exact dupes, but they are close enough you don't need all three. But since they are slightly different, I feel justified in owning all three. Yes, I know, I have issues, lol.

Which one is your favorite?



  1. So gorgeous! I'm a sucker for beachy colors!

  2. After purple, this is the shade I always turn to, it makes me happy :) So pretty on you!!