Loaded Lacquer Paradise Overdose and Dashboard Dancing

I love my glitter polishes and I have to say, when it comes to glitter, nobody does it better than Loaded Lacquer! All polishes are very dense with glitter and very easy to paint, no need to fish around like a mad woman to get 1 piece of chunky glitter on my nails, these come out willingly!

So when Heather released her new Hula collection, I knew I had to have a few of them and today I have two to show you.

Paradise Overdose is a black base with a ton of neon purple, hot pink and bright blue micro flakies.

I know this polish has a black base, but because of the flakies it looks more like a navy blue on the nail than black. I love it, but had a hard time capturing the beauty of this in a picture. I did manage to get an ok one of my nail wheel:

Dashboard Dancing is a clear based glitter, with holographic turquoise hex, holographic sky blue hex, holographic magenta hex  and metallic purple hex in multiple sizes (according to the Loaded Lacquer site).

The formula for Dashboard Dancing was really nice, the glitter came out easily and I didn't need to dab (much) to get an even coverage. It's jam packed with glitter and although this is meant to be a topper, I'm actually wearing it on its own and got it opaque in just 2 easy coats.
The formula for Paradise Overdose was a little trickier. It's a little on the thick side, nothing I couldn't manage, but next time I'll add just a few drops of thinner. This was opaque in just 2 coats too.

I love them separately, but I LOVE them together. They just seem to make eachother sparkle even more. I can't get enough of Loaded Lacquer and can't wait for the jiggles to be back in stock so I can give those a try. Loaded Lacquer is available here.

What's your favorite glitter brand?



  1. You know my fave...he he he. This combo looks great on you!! I love both of these sooo much! Paradise overdose really was tricky for me to photograph as well. I just love it though.

    1. Yes, I do! It's the same as mine :D
      I really do want them all!

  2. Oh no...I shouldn't have looked at this, I don't have either of them!! I don't have a bunch of experience with glitter, but I must say Heather's are the easiest to work with. They look beautiful on you!

    1. Thanks Marianne!
      Trust me, these are well worth picking up!

      I just got some of the jiggles, can't wait to play around with those.