Sally Hansen Butterscotch

I love Sally Hansen polishes, they have some of the best cream polishes in there collection. The only problem I have with this brand, is that they are extremely expensive here. If I want a polish from the extreme wear line, I'll have to pay around €8 for a bottle and don't even get me started on the Salon Manicure line that sets me back around € 11 a bottle. Don't get me wrong, I like the colors and polishes, but there is just no way I'm paying that much for a bottle.

So when I noticed Action (a discount store here) had Sally Hansen on sale for only € 0.99 I was over the moon and picked up several colors. Today I have one of those to show you.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Butterscotch is a polish that is not for every one. When I was waiting in line at the register to pay for this polish, I could here my friend Yv screaming in my head "What the hell are you doing??? That looks like puke in a bottle! Are you insane???"
But I happen to like these pretty/ugly colors and think this mustard yellow cream is gorgeous.

The formula is not so gorgeous though, but manageable. It's a little streaky, but really opaque. I only needed 2 coats to get this result and it had an average dry time. These pictures are without topcoat, it's shiny enough on its own, but to even it out completely, I would recommend using a top coat.

Isn't that pretty? I really like it, but I think I'd like it even more in the fall because it reminds me of the leaves changing color. I wouldn't pay full price for this polish, but for 99 cents I'm really happy with it!

Do you like pretty/ugly colors and what is your favorite?



  1. Yep.. Puke in a bottle... Perfect description :))!

  2. Haha, ik vond het eigenlijk ook een kotskleur maar ik heb 'm ook gekocht. ;)

    1. Ben ik dan echt de enige die hem wel mooi vindt?
      Vind het echt een herfstkleurtje, ik hou van dit sort pretty/ugly lakjes, heb er meerdere in mijn stash!