My favorite thing about Spring is that everything smells so fresh and my favorite smell has to be fresh cut grass. I wish I could find a candle that smells like that, I would burn it all year long!

So of course Grass had to be included in the #springnorules challenge and today is that day! The only problem is, I'm just not good at plants, flowers, grass or anything of that nature. I already gave it a go with my flowers-that-looked-like-eggs and my lady bug mani and I wasn't impresse, so I had very little hope of pulling this one off.

I just kept it simple, with waving grass, some of those brown velvety things you see near a pond (no idea what they are called...) and a little flower.

Not my best work, but still a fun mani, I think.
Did you do a grass mani?



  1. Zoals gewoonlijk is het weer een klein kunstwerkje geworden ! Heel mooi !

  2. Oh...I love this! I think you did a great job!! I love how light and airy it is and the flowers are an added bonus!

    1. Thanks, I added the flowers because without, I thought it look a little boring.

  3. I love the way you did the grass...just beautiful!

  4. Adding to the above you did fab! It looks like grass gently blowing in the breeze. Perfect!