Today's #SPRINGNORULES theme is Rainbows. I love seeing rainbows, they always makes me smile. When I lived in Ireland, me and my husband used to joke around about finally getting our change to find that pot of gold, but we were never able to find the end of a rainbow. Every time we thought we were close, the darn thing disappeared. Such a shame, I could buy a whole lot of polish with a pot of gold...

For my mani, I kept it simple. I did think about doing a gradient sponged mani, but knowing my sponging abilities are limited, that would have turned out extremely messy. So I opted for rainbow stripes instead.

Clean, simple, colorful and fun. I really like this and it's so easy, anybody can do it!

Next up in this challenge is Butterfly and I'm already dreading it. During this challenge I've found there are 2 things I stink at: anything plant related and animals... they just don't turn out the way I want. So fingers crossed I will be able to pull off a decent Butterfly!



  1. I LOVE this!! Rainbows make for such a happy mani, don't they?!