When I saw today's #springnorules theme, the first thing I thought was: Are you kidding me??? How in the hell am I going to get that on my nails? What were we thinking with this theme?

Ok, I understand what we were thinking, but still... this has to be the hardest theme ever! At least, I think so. I don't really do anything for April Fools Day, it's just another day to me. So I had a look around on Youtube to see if that would give me some inspiration. As soon as I saw this video, I knew I wanted that on my nails! It doesn't shout April Fools, but it's funny and that's the most important thing today I think.

I used a lot of polishes and hand painted everything. I'm actually quite proud of how this turned out, I can't stop laughing at my idiotic nails every time I look at them. I wanted fun, colorful nails for this theme and I think I succeeded!

Do you get into the practical jokes on April Fools or is it just another day for you?



  1. You are so good...I was not even smart enough to look up something to do. Clowns freak me out a bit but I love you did this and it looks good!!

    1. Thanks Jaime!
      I had no clue how to do this theme (let's make a note to scratch this for next year, lol), thank God for YouTube!