Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine Lipstick Grenade In

A couple of days ago, I was watching a video from Holly (misshollyberries, YT and blog) and she was wearing such a gorgeous shade of lipstick. I immediately wanted it, I needed it, I couldn't live without it! She told me it was Bourjois Rouge Edition in Fraises remix, so of course I went straight to the store to get it!

When I looked at it in the store, I was just as in love with the color. It really was beautiful. I always try it, if possible. And a good thing I did, because when I looked in the mirror... HORROR!!! I could have joined the zombies on The Walking Dead... Totally not my color.

I was extremely bummed, because I had my heart set on that lipstick. Of course I tried a few others, because I came all this way for a lipstick and I wasn't leaving the store without one!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Shine in Grenade In is a deep fuchsia color and I love it!

As soon as I saw this beauty, I knew it was a perfect color for me.
It feels really light on the lips, gives a good amount of color, but still has a sheer look to it. This makes it perfect for summer.

Apparently the color of the tube means it will look great with a specific color nail polish, the yellow tube (like mine) corresponds with Sunny Sunday :D
I don't own that one and I'm not planning to get it anytime soon, but it's just your typical yellow cream, so I think China Glaze Happy go Lucky will do just as well.

Have you ever fallen in love with a lipstick because you love the way it looked on somebody else? Always such a bummer I can't get away with a lot of light colors, I'm just to pale...



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