My highly sought after must have HTF polishes

Sometimes you have a polish that is very hard to find, because everybody wants it, it's from an old collection or it has been taken out of production.
I have a few in my stash, that I paid good money for to own and those are my most cherished polishes.

They all have a different story as to why I moved heaven and earth to get them, but somehow they are all OPI polishes...
Some because of the color, some because of the name and others because I feel an emotional attachment to them. Yes... I get emotional about my polishes... sue me! Lol!

The first HTF polish I hunted for and finally bought is OPI - Smitten with Mittens.

I totally blame youtuber and blogger Yukie (warmvanillasugar0823 on youtube, for this one.
Allthough she has no idea who I am, she is the reason I bought this polish.
I was watching her favorite red polishvideo on YT, and she stated that Smitten is her all time favorite red and showed the bottle and a swatch. I immediately fell in love with it and just had to have it!!!
I searched eBay like a mad woman to get this polish for a reasonable price and finally succeeded :D

The minute I painted my nails with this polish, I knew wat Yukie was talking about. It's just so beautifull! It blew me away!
Deep red with golden shimmer (or is it microglitter, I never know with this one...), it's stunning!!!
It handles like a dream, 2 coats and its opaque, perfect consistency and it dries fast.

This polish has quickly become my go to polish, but recently I haven't painted my nails with it, because I'm hoarding it, afraid I'll run out...

The next polish took me about a year and a half to get, not because it was extremely hard to find or expensive, but I ordered a bottle and that never arrived on my doorstep...
The seller kept saying it was in the mail, but couldn't provide a tracking number or receipt that it was mailed. After 8 weeks, the seller stopt responding to my messages and there was nothing I could do...

It just didn't feel right to pay money for this polish AGAIN, but I did keep looking at it on eBay and finally just bit the bullet and ordered it again. I was over the moon when it finally arrived!!!

OPI - I Lily love you

Look at those pink based flakies in all colors of the rainbow, how can you resist?

OPI - Fiercly Fiona

This a bit of a different story, not quite hunted down, but since it took about 3 months to get to me AND it isn't widely available, I do include it in my special polishes. ( I feel like Gollum when I call them my special polishes, I don't know how many times I had the urge to call one of them "My Precious!!!"  in a Gollum voice while writing this post... anyway... back to my topic... )

I have seen this polish a few times and always liked it. It's a murky green tinted yellow and one of those ugly pretty colors that I love. This was part of the Shrek collection in 2010, but unfortunatelly, I couldn't get my hands on any of the colors... I'm still hunting down What's with the Cattitude, although the color is totally dupable.

When I was placing an order at, (actually, a friend of mine was placing an order and I was planning on just ordering 1 or 2 and ended up ordering 4 or 5, lol) I suddenly saw they had Fiona available! I was over the moon and ordered it straight away :D

My friend was just as lucky and ordered Funky Dunkey, so score for us!!!

Normally we have no issues with delivery form NS, but this time the package got lost, we waited, emaild, waited, emailed and waited some more...
After about 2 months NS declared the package a gonner and resend our order. 3 months after ordering this beauty, I could finally hold her in my hands and it was love at first sight.

OPI - Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
It's not just the pretty color of this polish, but also the name... I just can't stop myself from smilling everytime I hear this name. For those of you who don't know: Mrs. O'Leary is said to be responsible for the great Chicago fire, so to name a polish Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ is just very funny to me.

I wanted this beauty for a long time, it's just the perfect deep, dark, burgundy color for me. But I didn't feel like paying an abscene amount of money for it. So I kept an eye on eBay and waited and waited and waited...

Finally, when I was on holiday, a friend of mine send me a text with an eBay link in it. It was Mrs. O'Leary, for a reasonable price!!!
Of course I snatched it up immediately and when it arrived on my doorstep, it was everyting I expected it to be and more!

The formula is a bit... weird... it's a little patchy and I stil had a bald spot after 2 coats. Not what I'm used to with an OPI cream, but hey, who cares?
This next polish may not be the most unique color, I have no doubt I actually allready own a dupe for it since I have a lot of red polishes, but I just couldn't get this one out of my mind...

OPI - Vodka and Caviar is a true red crelly, not quite a jelly, not quite a cream,  it's just the perfect combination of the two.
I hunted this one down like a mad woman, but couldn't find it... it was (and still is) available on eBay, but with shipping costs it would have cost me a fortune.

Luckily I have a very good friend who knows me and my taste in polish very well and she let me know it was available on a dutch site. I send an email to the seller, included another polish for myself (OPI Suzi loves Sydney, didn't have a clue about the color, but got all emotional about the name since I spend a year in Australia and would mover there immediately if I had the chance. Turned out to be absolutely stunning! Lucky me!) and one for my friend (yes, the same one who was responsible for my BBQ purchase) and snatched it up.

Isn't it gorgeous?
I love the OPI Suede finish, but they are very hard to find for a good price and in good condition.
Luckily I have a lot of friends who are nail polish junkies, just like me :D

This beauty I actually bought from one of them because she decided she just had to big a stash... whut??? That's just not possible... but hey, I'm not complaining as I was able to get my hands on
OPI - Suzy skis in the Pyrenees Suede dirt cheap.
This is a black/silver polish with a suede finish. It is a true one coater and dries in seconds! If I'm in a hurry and need an instantly dry polish, I'll go for this one.

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on these polishes, but I still have a few on my lemming list that I would love to get my hands on!

Zoya - Veruschka
OPI - the rest of the suedes
OPI - Absolutely Alice (I can't stop drooling over this polish, it might be my all time favorite polish and I don't even own it)
China Glaze - the OMG collection (I own one, OMG, thanks to the Suzi friend)
OPI - Vampire State Building
OPI - Who the Shrek are you (I know there are dupes for this one, like Did it on 'em, but I just really want the Shrek one)
And just a couple more :D



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