China Glaze Happy go Lucky

I'm back from my holiday break, started my new job and finally have everything up and running. Time for a new post :D

Today I have one of my favorite spring/summer polishes for you.
This one surprised me, because I usually can't pull of a yellow polish with my skintone (why I own about 6 of them, I have no idea... I have a problem... ), but I have gotten so many compliments wearing this polish. I am positively over the moon with this one!

A friend of mine, Kelly, kept trying to get me to buy this polish, but I resisted for almost a year, because... well... it's yellow!
Usually when I wear a yellow polish, my hands look like they belong to a dead body, but not with this one.

This look simply stunning!

China Glaze - Happy go Lucky

A bright yellow cream polish.
The formula leaves a little to be desired, it tends to be a bit streaky and gets goopy after a few nails, but I have come across much worse yellow polishes.

And the color... oh boy... it's just so incredibly pretty!
Bright yellow and super glossy... every time I wear this polish it cheers me up :D

A definite winner in my books!

3 coats and SV top coat

I might have to take of my current polish and paint my nails with this one when I get home.



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