OPI The color of Minnie

I love a red nail. I think you just can't go wrong with a classic, vampy, sexy red nail.
My husband loves red on me, in his words "If it ain't red, it ain't nail polish!"

When I first saw the Vintage Minnie Collection OPI was releasing last year, I squealed. I wanted all te colors! They were just so cute! The only one I wasn't sure of, was OPI The Color of Minnie.

It just looked like nothing special to me, I had seen so many reds like that before.
But since I was ordering all the other polishes, I thought I might as well order the complete collection.

And am I glad I did!
It's a bright red cream, nothing special, but wat does make it special, is the pink shimmer in it. Unfortunately, you don't really see this on the nail, unless the light hits it in just the right way...

The formula of this polish is briljant! It's almost a one coater, but I always do 2 and it does make it a lot better in my opinion. The dry time was fine, not extremely fast or slow and this didn't chip on me.

2 coats, 1 coat SV and a decal

I added a water decal, just for fun.
These water decals are fun, easy and cheap. I got several designs from Dashica.

Just a little warning: this polish does stain like crazy, so be sure to wear a good base coat if you don't want to end up with red nails.



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