China Glaze Flying Dragon (neon)

There's no doubt about it, summer is here!!!
The weather has finally changed and I'm enjoying the sun and extremely hot temperatures for as long as they will last (forecast is predicting a drop in temperature and rain in a few days... yeah...).

Finally, I can wear all my summer polishes and see all the beautifull shimmer, glitter and neon colors come to live in the sun.

The polish I'm wearing today is one of those summer polishes, China Glaze - Flying Dragon (neon). A bright purple polish with blue micro glitter, an unusual combination, but that's what makes this so unique and pretty.

There are two versions of this polish, a normal one and a neon one, this is the neon version. The normal one is darker, more purple. Personally I like the neon better.

The formula of this polish was perfect, nothing like other neons. Not streaky or patchy, almost opaque in one coat, but better with two. It did get a little goopy after a few nails, but nothing I couldn't manage and easily solved by rolling the bottle between my hands.

It dries down to a mat finish, like most neon polishes and because of the micro glitter in it, it doesn't feel completely smooth. One coat of SV fixed all of that.

Two coats, one coat SV

It's absolutely stunning and I can't stop staring at my nails!



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