Girly Bits Smurf Dance

This little beauty almost didn't make it to my stash!
When I first saw it, I smiled because of the name, I always call my friend Kelly Smurf because she is so tiny (but has a HUGE personality to compensate :D ), but the color didn't do it for me...

Several of my friends bought it and really liked it, but I wasn't convinced.
It looked... grey and boring...  yes, really, I said it, boring!

Until I saw a picture of it swatched over Essie Lapiz of Luxury... It just looked stunning! I had to have it!
By that time Llarowe was, of course, sold out of this polish and I had to stalk the restocks, kick some ass to make sure I wasn't car jacked, but I finally got my  hands on it.

Girly Bits - Smurf Dance is a crap ton of blue and white glitter in all shapes and sizes an to top it of, a nice amount of holo micro glitter in a clear base.

The formula... oh boy... normally you have to resort to the dabbing method with polish with this much glitter, especially if the majority is chunky glitter, but not with this beauty! Excelent glitter pay of, perfect formula and the dry time was really fast.

Since this is glitter in a clear base, you do need a polish underneath to bring out the best. I used 2 coats of Essie Lapiz of Luxury.

2 coats Lapiz, 2 coats Smurf, 1 coat SV
I'm in love with this polish and have tried it over several other polishes.
I thought it couldn't get better after I layered it over Lapiz, but boy, was I wrong!
Look at this mind blowingly gorgeous combination using A England Order of the Garther (I will post a review of Order later on my blog)

2 coats as an accent over 2 coats of A England Order 
I do recommend you layer this over a bright blue to get the best result, it can look a bit grey and dull over other colors. But if you like that look, go for it!

I think this polish is no longer available, but I'm not 100% sure. I do know that Llarowe has a lot of other Girly Bits polishes that are equally as good! I would recommend Rogue, Purple Potion, Razzle Dazzle and Hot Toddy. Me, I'm still lusting after Erin go Bragh-less and Face the Music. They're so pretty!



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