Misa Party in the Masquerade

Misa is one of my all time favorite brands. Every polish I have tried so far is spot on when it comes to consistency, the brush is perfect, they dry really fast and the end result is super glossy and stays on my nails without chipping for at least a week!

I love this brand so much, the only "bad" thing about Misa is, they don't have a lot of unique colors. So Misa, get to work making more of those beautifull polishes :D

Misa - Party in the Masquerade is a stunning raspberry pink neon cream.
And, unlike other neons, this is a dream to work with.
Opaque in just two thin coats, dries fast, glossy... everything you could want in a bottle.

Two coats with SV

I wore this beauty on holiday in the South of France for 10 days straight and I just had some tipwear. I would have worn it for the full two weeks, but I bought a pair of new flip flops and just had to match my polish, hands AND feet, to them...

I own two other Misa neon polishes, one is very close to this one:

Hot people like you, Sandals Flip Flops and Hip Hop and Party in the Masquerade
I painted my nails a while ago with Sandals and wondered for a full 10 minutes if I grabbed the right polish or Masquerade by mistake...

Will do a comparison post in the future :D



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