Nicole by OPI My sleigh is in the shop

I had my eye on this polish for quite some time, but NBO isn't sold in The Netherlands and they were relatively expensive via eBay, so no luck for me...

That is, untill a friend found a seller that had very reasonable shipping costs. Starting with 9 polishes that is... of course this was no problem and the order was placed.

One of the polishes I ordered (I only got 3, very modest for me :D) was NBO My sleigh is in the shop a jam-packed purple glitter.


I think this has a clear base, but it's just so dense, I can't really tell. Because of this, it's also incredibly opaque, 2 coats is all you need! (I did 3 because I was a little clumsy). Another big plus in my book is the fact that I only needed one coat of SV to smooth this polish out. The formula was spot on, not to thick at all and it dried very quickly, like most glitters. Overall, a really nice polish.

2 coats with 1 coat SV
The only negative I have with this polish is that it chipped on day 2, which is very fast for me.
But that's all. I love the color, love the finish, it's just so sparkly!
(I always think of Twilight when I use the word sparkly... I just hear Edward saying in a girly voice: "Look at me!!! I'm pwetty, I spwarkle!!!"
Obviously I'm not a huge Twilight fan... anyway... moving on...)

I would definitely recommend this polish, it's a stunner!



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