OPI Vodka & Caviar

I realise I just did a blog post about a red polish, but if you've read my post about my highly sought after polishes (click here to read), you will know I hunted this polish down like a mad woman! So when it finally arrived on my doorstep, I couldn't control myself, this had to be painted asap!

OPI Vodka & Caviar is a true bright red crelly polish. Not quite a jelly, not quite a cream. It's the perfect middle ground of the two, but leaning more towards a jelly.


It's a classic and very popular OPI polish and now I own it, I finally completely understand why. It's just so classy and sophisticated! I think red is my favorite nail polish color, it's appropriate for every occasion and goes with every outfit. It's definitely my go to color :D
The formula on this polish was an little on the thin side. I had to paint my nails carefully to avoid flooding my cuticles. It dried really fast and was opague in 2 -3 thin coats.
The finish is amazing! So shiny, it didn't really need a top coat, but I always do to make my manicure last longer. Normally OPI tends to chip on me in about 3 days (which is still not too bad... ), but I've had this on my nails for 4 days and I don't even have any tipwear! I am LOVING this polish!

3 thin coats, 1 coat SV
On the cap it says this polish has an exclusive ProWide Brush and it does seem to be a little different than the regular OPI brush. It's not wider, but the bristles look like they are a bit longer than the ones on a regular brush. I have to admint, I didn't notice a difference in comparison to the regular brush.
The only really bad and disappointing fact about this polish: it has been discontinued by OPI...


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