Big fat failure: base coat

I was always under the impression that it didn't really matter what kind of base coat I would use, as long as I made sure to use something to protect my nails. I have tried a lot of different base coats and they were all fine where it comes to durability of my manicure. ( discoloration is a whole nother story though).

I have used my trusty Sticky Base Coat from CND for a long time and decided it was time to switch things up a bit. I read a lot of reviews on internet and decided to try Color Club Stuck on You base coat.

When first applied, I really liked it. The formula is really nice and it dries quickly but the best thing about this base, is the smell. I love it! It smells kind of sweet and just jummy!

The first time I used it, I painted my nails in the evening (as I usually do). 1 coat base, 2 coats color, 1 coat glitter and 1 coat SV, nothing special (it was the mani monday glitter, click here to read).

Now, there is something you need to know about me before I continue, so you will fully understand my opinion about this base coat: polish sticks to my nails like nobody's business! I can rock the same polish for 2 weeks straight, with just a minimum amount of tipwear. I don't get chips... ever!

If  you don't believe me or think I'm exagerating, check out this picture of China Glaze Ruby Pumps on my nails. This is me wearing it for the 8th day:

Day 8, just a little tipwear
So you can imaging my surprise when I found a major chip at 10 am on day 1 after using this base for the first time. I looked at my nails in horror and couldn't believe what I was seeing... a real chip!!!
During that day, more chips joined the first one and by the end of the day, my manicure was completely ruined.

I didn't even blame the base, because everybody can have a chip now and then, right? When I got home, I took my polish off and put on a fresh manicure. Again, I painted my nails at night, 1 coat base, 1 coat polish, 1 coat of glitter (Rogue this time, read here) and 1 coat SV. The next morning the same thing happened: a big fat chip! And they kept on coming!

By then I started to suspect my base was the problem, as it was the only thing different to my mani. I have worn both before and they have lasted me for at least 4 days and I didn't have chips by then, just tipwear.

But if this wasn't bad enough, I decided to give it one more chance and painted my nails with another glitter polish, Water you waiting for.
I think by now, Stuck on you was trying to prove a point of being the all time worst base coat! Trust me, it succeeded!

I painted it the day before yesterday and I had major chipping yesterday morning. I hate chipping, I can't handle chipped polish on my nails, but what happened yesterday evening is the reason (combined with the major chipping issue) that I'm throwing this base out!

They always say a picture says more than a thousand words and as this has become a fairly long post allready...

You can see the chip om my ring finger and the vanished polish on my middle finger
(It's a bad picture, because the lighting is just awfull at night)
And here is where the polish went... a perfectly nailshaped piece of dry polish
My polish came off in big chunks! Nothing I could do to keep it on my nails. I now am the proud owner of several nailshaped pieces of dried up polish. I didn't pick at my polish, I just reached out to grab my glass and it fell off... It took about half an hour for me to lose all my polish. I was left with just the polish on my thumbs. Not a good look on me, trust me!

Half an hour later and I have several pieces of dry polish...
I really can't say anything nice about this polish, except that it smells really good. But that is not a major quality I'm looking for in a base coat. I love a lot of Color Club polishes, but I absolutely hate this base coat and will not ever use it again!

Did you ever have a bad experience with a particular base coat?



  1. :( That sucks!!! I have never used it.

  2. Woah...that's crazy!! I had an essie basecoat once (can't remember which one) and that thing would NOT dry! I used it a couple times, but it messed up my mani, so I threw it out!