China Glaze Water you waiting for

This is one of those polishes everybody kept telling me to get, because it's gorgeous. I wasn't convinced, I put this in my cart every time I ordered polishes, but I also took it out every time. Untill I decided to finally just give in and get it.

It stood in my stash for a couple of months, untried and unloved, untill I pulled it out yesterday and just made myself paint my nails with this polish.

China Glaze Water you waiting for is a blue and green glitter in a slightly blue base. It's part of the Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away collection, released in 2012, the same collection as Running in Circles, which I showed you earlier in this post.

The formula of this polish is... well.. awful comes to mind...
It's thick, goopy and the glitter clumps on my nail, which makes it really hard to get an even coat. I gave up on the thin coats completely, because it just wasn't possible. I will add a few drops of thinner next time and hopefully that will help a bit, but I doubt that it will fix the problem. It's so densely packed with glitter, that the brusk gets so loaded and thick, it's hard to control.

2 coats Water, 1 coat SV
The dry time is very good, but it does dry a little on the matte side, so a topcoat is needed to really get it sparkling. It's also a little rough to the touch with all the glitter, but with just 1 coat of SV I think it's smooth enough.

2 coats Water, 1 coat SV
I do like it on the nail and the fact that it's opaque in just 2 coats helps a lot, but when I look at my nails, I don't see the beautiful polish, I just see all the problems this polish gave me when applying. I must admit, not a big hit in my book...

There is a pretty good dupe out there for this polish, Kendall on the Katwalk by Nicole by OPI. They are not 100% dupes, but close enough so you don't need both. The only difference is that Kendall also has purple glitter and Water has just the blue and green. I don't own Kendall, because I don't have access to NBO, so I can't tell you anything about the formula of that polish, but hopefully it's better than Water!

Do you own this polish? What do you think about this formula?