Nail care routine

I always wear nail polish... always! I never go a day without! The longest I've had my nails bare in the last 3 years is about 3 hours. I know this is very bad for my nails and I should give them a "holiday" for a week or so, but I just hate the way my nails look without polish. So to make sure my nails stay healthy, I take really good care of them.

I hought you might be interested to see how I take care of my nails and what products I use.

First, I start by taking my old polish of. I use a polish remover without acetone. This is my Holy Grail remover! It doesn't dry my hands and nails out, it doesn't leave a white film on my hands (if you used polish remover, you'll know what I mean), it doesn't smell to bad and, most importantly, it takes of my polish really quickly, even glitters!

It's the Essence Nail Art Polish Remover Ultra.


This remover is only sold at certain shops, with a big nail section. Unfortunately, I don't have one near me, but I make my friends buy it in bulk for me. When I say in bulk, I'm not kidding, lol!

Current stash: 7 bottles... and 3 different ones...
I use this with any cotton ball or pad I have laying around, so nothing special in that department.

After all my polish has been removed, I trim my cuticles with Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and an orange stick.

After this step, I file my nails in the shape that I want, using a glass fill by Herome.
I prefer a glass file, because it's easy, fast and gentle on my nails.

By then, my nails and cuticles are ready for some TLC and I am more than willing to oblige. I put Trind Nail Balsam on my nails, wait 2 minutes and rub the product all over my nails and cuticles.

Now it's time to start painting my nails. The first step is always a base coat, I've been loving the CND Stickey Base Coat.

Following the base, I paint my nails with the choosen polish (2 -3 coats, depending on the polish) and top it of with my all time favorite top coat Seche Vite.

When my nails are completely dry, I moisturize my hands and cuticles with some kind of cream. I'm currently using Philosophy Hands of Hope for my hands.

I really love this cream, but it's just to expensive to repurchase, unless it's on sale. So after I've used up my current tube, I'll try another hand cream.

For my cuticles I have two products. Lush Lemony Flutter at night, because it takes a while to sink in to my skin, but does wonders for my cuticles and Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream to moisturize during the day. I love both these products and the smell... oh my!

That's it! My complete nail care routine.
What are your favorite products?



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